Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dodecahedron Book Report Projects

First let me share with everyone my extreme dislike of messy projects that turn into chat-fests and are an embarrassment to display. As if any teachers like those, right? That said....I was on the hunt for a new, exciting, interesting, challenging, whiz-bang way to allow my scholars to demonstrate their understanding of their latest book.

Happiness flowed over me when I found this Dodecahedron project on complete with loads of pics and advice. I pulled up the site and went over all the steps with my crew and we all agreed that we could take on the challenge. I was fine with a longer than usual project since we were knee deep into two weeks ( yes, two weeks- what's with that?) of Terra Nova testing. As you all know, it is hard to start up a new unit in the middle of all that testing madness so a big project fit our schedule just fine.

Writing, designing, coloring, and cutting all went along swimmingly. Today was THE day....time to start putting them together. Holding my breath, a few students started gluing one by one. I was hovering over them whispering instructions and helpful hints. Once a few were done, they went over and helped their classmates. Before long, we had everyone cutting, gluing, helping, holding, handing them to me to hang in the hallway for all to see.

My original plan was to hang them in our room but they turned out so darn cute that we wanted to show them off a bit. We are nothing if not proud in Room 217!


  1. Hi, I had to take a look at your wonderful website! I love it. Third Grade is a great place to be for sure. It seems I am always trying to get back to being a third grade teacher. Your students did a great job with the Dodecahedron Project! Isn't it the most exciting project before and after they have finished! Thanks for the link up! Maybe we can do a SKYPE get together with our classes. My class would certainly be interested in a class in Belgium. We are in a small resort town that is basically a fishing village when the tourists are not here! Thanks again! Pam D'Alessandro

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  2. Thanks Pam. Trust me when I say that our class was the envy of the entire school with our rocking Dodecahedron projects floating in the hallway. I gave you all the credit for the idea "my blog friend told me about it" but I took all the glory. I love your blog and am a faithful follower!