Monday, April 22, 2013

Shapes and Angles in Geometry!

Not to brag..well, maybe just a little... our class is further ahead in math than the other third grade classes. Actually, we have never made it to Geometry before so it has been fun creating activities and seeing how much my mini-mathematicians can learn now that they are almost fourth graders! Let me tell you, they love Geometry so we are moving full steam ahead.

We do love us some BINGO and I always make it a learning event. Sweet Amber Polk offered up a Freebie of Geometry Bingo that I could not pass up. You can get a copy here Geometry BINGO . Today during the morning ELA rotation, they cut and glued their own bingo cards. I added one more row at the bottom so it is a bit harder to fill the card.

There is nothing fun about playing math bingo if they do not all know all the terms and corresponding pictures. So today, I put the pictures up on the SmartBoard and the students brought their student-made cards to the mat. I called out a shape or angle and they pointed to it on their sheet. I then pointed to the correct shape on the board and we discussed why it was a right triangle, what made it an isosceles triangle, etc. Great review for the big game coming up on Friday....right after the test.

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