Sunday, April 14, 2013

Swing In To Spring!

Two glorious weeks of Spring Break are slowly coming to an end. Our family plans to take a driving trip thru northern England and thru Ireland were dashed at the last minute when the temps here in Belgium were still near 0 Celsius (32 degrees F) and it was even colder where we were heading. So our Springtime in Ireland was going to be Freezing Cold in Ireland.

After some fast plotting and planning over a glass of wine, my sweetest hubby surprised our oldest daughter, 15 year old Sophmore Kate, and me with tickets to South Carolina. We were so happy and excited to see our friends, shop, eat, shop, eat, repeat! We quickly decided to add in some college visits as well. We go " home" every summer but this was a bonus visit to do extra visiting, hanging out, and getting a huge dose of USA that we miss so much. In addition to visiting and hanging with long time friends- Kathy, Bailey,Kim and Mary, we popped in on Kate's kindergarten and first grade teacher who was thrilled to see Kate as a teen, we made a quick run to Flagler College ( Kate's first choice as of now) in St.Augustine, Florida and used that as an excuse to visit with our dear friends in Palm Coast. true friends really can squeeze in a meaningful visit in one day!

It is great to be back with our family but our mother - daughter trip was 20 times better than I ever imagined. I know Kate and I will always remember all the fun we had together. I prepped everything for the first week back so we are all rushing outside to enjoy a glimpse of Spring that has suddenly appeared. Here in Belgium we can have sun, rain, snow and then rain again in the same day so we get slightly hysterical when the sun comes out.

Kate on the left with her BFF visiting Appalachian State in North Carolina.

Mrs. Wolff was thrilled to have Kate pop by for a visit.
I brought along some pictures of them together from when she was Kate's kindergarten and first grade teacher. I can't wait to see my students when they are in high school!

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  1. Wow Joanne, sounds like it was an amazing trip:) I'm sure there was lots of sun in SC and Florida. I love your blog and love that you live in Belgium, that is so cool.