Monday, March 18, 2013

Here I Am !

Finally, the day has come. My.First.Blog.Post!

Like most new bloggers, my site has been up and ready and waiting...and waiting...and waiting for me to get up the nerve to finally start.  I figured that the second week of Terra Nova testing, the tail end of a cold that will not seem to ever end, and a somewhat big project looming over my head was as good of a time as ever to start!

I love fonts, TPT, Etsy, Pinterest, Somee cards, making bulletin boards, creating task card activities, my family, our dog, my Dansko teaching clogs, and those orange crackers with the peanut butter in the middle. NOT necessarily in that order!

We are a Department of Defense school in Belgium at the NATO headquarters - SHAPE: Supreme Headquarter Allied Powers Europe. 12 of my darlings are international students from Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Montenegro. They do not take the TN test so in the morning I have my 11 USA students here. The ESL 1,2&3 students come around lunch time. The time changes, students coming later, the total silence in the room - it all messes with my Teaching MoJo so I will be happy when it is all over and we can get back to the madness that is Room 217!

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