Thursday, March 21, 2013

We Survived!

The scholars of Room 217 slapped a big ol' We Survived! sign on top of the Terra Nova Boot Camp poster to let the world know that "ain't no test gonna kick our butts" as one well spoken young man said. Whew, so glad to have that all behind us. I did have to break the news to the gang that next week we will be back to "normal"...whatever that is! No more taking off our shoes (they loved taking them off for the test), no more snacks at 9 am, no more teacher bringing in cookies for all of us to binge on for our post test sugar high.

I did promise to keep the Dance Party songs around so we could continue to perfect our moves to Kung Ko Fighting, Gummy Bears, Crocodile Rock and Hamster Dance. Please, someone give me some links to some other classroom appropriate songs. I have had the Gummy Bear song in my head for days now!

Meanwhile, I stumbled on to Doodle Art Alley and love it. I need to figure out how to download the doodle posters but they look like so much fun. Now if I can just find a third grade standard to fit ... we can do them as a project!

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