Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Twenty Followers !

I know all of you remember the thrill of 20 followers and the happy teacher dance that goes on all day! Thanks for coming by and seeing what we are up to. Tomorrow is a holiday here in Belgium, Workers Day, so no kids but us lucky teachers get to have a looooong in-service day chatting about Exemplars. Again. No happy dance there.

Check out this cute sign that I made using some of my treasured funky fonts. It hangs outside my room, sometimes on the door, occasionally by my desk, and once from the ceiling. I promise to learn how to insert a freebie and this will be the first one!


  1. Enjoy your day tomorrow, lucky you! I love your signs, very creative.

  2. I found your blog on "Oh' Boy 4th Grade", and I'm your newest follower. I think it's very cool that you teach in Belgium, and if your class ever wants New Mexican pen-pals, please let me know!

  3. Hello. I found your blog on Third Grade Doodles. You have a beautiful and colorful blog. I love the way you sign your post with your name "stamp." I just started a blog 2 weeks ago so I'd love you to take a peek if you have time.
    Also, I was in Belgium for a visit during my Jr. Year in France, and I remember how delicious the French fries were.

  4. I'm excited to be your #23 follower! I DO remember hitting that 20 follower mark. Your signs look great!
    Teacher Gone Digital